Laura Aldridge (UCL)  – Towards a unified semantics for proportional modification

Thalia Allington-Wood (UCL) – Exploring the bosco: Bomarzo and beyond in sixteenth century Italy

Murray Andrews (UCL) – Coin hoards and society in medieval England and Wales, c. 973-1544 AD

Dana Ariel (UCL) – Identity that refuses to identify, has no voice and cannot be spoken

Simon Bate (KCL) –Listening to literature: Sound and its representations in English literature, c. 1375-1550

Alex Belsey (KCL) –Self-construction in the Journal of Keith Vaughan

Eoin Bentick (KCL) – Alchemy and Late Middle English Vernacular Literature

Ruth Bernatek (UCL) – Audiovisual architectures

Charlotte Berry (SAS) – Margins and marginality in fifteen-century London

Francesca Bologna (KCL) – Painters and workshops in Pompeii

Florian Breit (UCL) – Stress and Quantity in Modern Welsh 

Francesca Brooks (KCL) –Textuality Before and After Print: Oral poetics in Old English manuscripts and post-1930s printed poetry

Jennifer Brown (UCL) –What is the proper role of religion in the public sphere? – Religious arguments and the gay marriage debate

Anna Bunting-Branch (UCL) – Towards a methodology of feminist science fiction in practice

Rachel Burns (UCL) –The visual craft of Anglo-Saxon verse

Hannah Carnegy-Arbuthnott (UCL) –Bodily Autonomy, Self-Ownership and Commodification

Vanessa Carr (UCL) – Determination in Action

Emmanuel Charalabopoulos (KCL) – Canto, trio for Horn, Violin & Piano

Simon Coll (UCL) –Social Perspectives on Nationalism, Normalization and East German-Polish Relations, 1949-1989

Pauline Destree (UCL) –The transnational circulation of wedding imagery in Ghana

Paul Doody (KCL) –How rational must we be? An analysis of rationality assumptions in the literatures on self-deception and delusion

Peter Faulconbridge (UCL) –Ritual as action in philosophy and the social sciences

James Fisher (KCL) –The Meanings and Experiences of Agricultural Work in Eighteenth-Century England

Laura Forster (KCL) –Friends of the Commune: Trans-Channel Encounters and Collaboration, 1871-1890

David Garrard (KCL) –Value, endurance and preservation in the historic environment: a philosophical inquiry

Antonio Genova (KCL) –Ancient Greek Folksong Tradition

Laura Gibson (KCL) –New Narratives or Old Nightmares: Can digitisation really democratise South Africa’s museum collections?

Patrick Griffith (KCL) –Barbarian Codes and Canon Law: Legal Innovation in Merovingian Frankia

Daniel Guillery (UCL) –Is it morally permissible for the state to enforce its commands?

Sara Hale (KCL) – Men of Letters: The Epistolary Ode in British Neo-Latin Poetry

Shane Horwell (UCL) –Theories of Taxation in Ideas of Political Economy and the British System of Taxation, 1750-1816

Jonathan Huff (KCL) –Music, Enlightenment and Politics: The Idea of ‘Civic Virtues’ in the Aesthetic and Musical Process of the French Revolution 1789-1800

David Jenkins (KCL) – The A Priori

Robert Kaleta (UCL)- Spatial, Morphometric, and Chemical analysis of the Middle Bronze Age British palstaves

Miranda Kiek (KCL) –Writing Actresses in Eighteenth-Century British and Irish Theatre

Sinead Krebs (KCL) – The Cultural Legacies of the First World War in Ireland

Zuzanna Krzemien (UCL) –Solomon Dubno and the Impact of Eastern European Jewish Learning on the German-Jewish Enlightenment

Carlo Menon (UCL) –‘Little’ Architecture Magazines of the Early 21st Century: Critical Discourse and Collective Practice, in and out of Academia

Gemma Miller (KCL) –Childhood and Futurity in Contemporary Performance of Shakespeare

Mary Mitchell (UCL) – Accountability, transparency and quantifying of quality of life in healthcare decision-making

Francesca Modini (KCL) –The reception of Greek lyric poetry in imperial Greek literature

Anna Moles (UCL) –Urbanism and its impact on human health: a long-term study at Knossos, Crete

James Morland (KCL) –Poetic engagement with ancient atheism: Changing interactions with Lucretius in eighteenth-century poetry

Sinead Murphy (KCL) –Present Futures and Present Pasts: Speculative Aesthetics in Contemporary Arab Literature

Mariana Nabais (UCL) –Neanderthal Small Prey Consumption in Central Portugal

Aeron O’Connor (UCL) – Reflecting on times of transformation and interconnection: oral histories of cross-cultural dialogue between Soviet and present-day Tajikistan and the outside world

Christine Okoth (KCL) –Restricted Access: Immigration Reform and Cultural Production in the United States post 1965

Rosalind Parker (KCL) – Religion in the Public Sphere as Mediated through the Arts

Sofia Piacentin (KCL) – Confiscations of property and public sales in the tradition of the Roman Republic

Fiorenza Picozza (KCL) – Dubliners: Deportation, Displacement and The Freedom of Movement in Europe at the Time of the Dublin Regulation

Ellen Pilsworth (UCL) – German Volkslieder (folks songs) in the period ca. 1760–1810

Georgina Pope (KCL) – The monks of the Vaishnavite monasteries of Assam worship Krishna through dance, song and musical drama

Ayala Prager (UCL) – On Their Own Terms: The Challenge of Culture in Literary Depictions of Mass Violence

Sigrid Preissl (UCL) – London after the Blitz: Film, Architecture, Culture, 1940-1960

Barbara Pycinska-Taylor (UCL) – Art, Visuality and Ekphrasis in the Italian Neo Avant-Garde

Christopher Riley (UCL) – Jeremy Bentham and the Utility of History

Natalia Romik (UCL) – Post-Jewish architecture of memory within former eastern European shtetles​

Merijn Royaards (UCL) – Altared States

Sophia Satchell-Baeza (UCL) –Technicolor Dreams: Psychedelia as a Countercultural Aesthetic in British films and light shows, 1965-197

Ashley Shaw (UCL) – Interrogative Attitudes

Lucy Sheaf (KCL) – The role of love in Leibniz’s theodicy

Moran Sheleg (UCL) – Beyond Return: The Problem of Painting, 1956-1966

Laura Silva (UCL) – Epistemic Emotions

Emile Simpson (KCL) – War, Peace, and the Enemy in International Law

Thomas Snow (UCL) – On the Margins of Institutionalism: Activism and the Politics of Art in the Neoliberal Economy, Istanbul 2009-2013

Hanna Sosnowska (UCL) – The socio-economic implications of lithic technologies in the Late Prehistory of Iraqi Kurdistan

Olivia Tait (UCL) – Missing Mothers & Postwar Paternity: Visualising the Familial in West Germany 1961 – 1989

Daniel Udy (KCL) – Going Viral: Mediation, Subjectivity and American Queer Politics in the YouTube Decade

Maria Vasilaki (KC) – Impoliteness phenomena in Greek online environments

Christopher Webb (UCL) – The Economies of Experimental Fiction in 1960s Britain

Suzanna White (UCL) – Investigation of Craniofacial Variation within Homo heidelbergensis sensu lato in a Comparative Framework

Joel White (KCL) – The Philosophy of Antonin Artaud: Interruption, Theatre, and Life

Rebecca Whiteley (UCL) – Early modern midwifery illustration in England and France

Briony Wickes (KCL) – Fur, Feathers, Meat and Man: Animals, Anglo Trade and Global Expansion in Victorian Literature 1830-1880

Daniel Willis (UCL) – The Testimony of Space: Exploring Sites of Violence and Memory in Peru’s Internal Armed Conflict

Caspar Wilson (KCL) – Trading realism for the world

Katy Wright (KCL) – Music, Technology and French Identity during the Fourth Republic