Francesca Allfrey (KCL) – Anglo Saxon things and contemporary creative and cultural practice

Ciprian Astalos (UCL) – Ground Stones in the Neolithic of Western Romania

Gregorio Astengo (UCL) – Architectural Transactions: Disseminating Interdisciplinary Architecture through the Early ‘Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London’ (1665-1700)

Elizabeth Atkinson (KCL) – Bloodlines and belief: family identity, relationships and confessional identity in Early Modern England

Julian Bacharach

Shani Bans (UCL)- Optics in Shakespeare and his Contemporaries

Caspar Bartscherer (UCL) – A normative analysis of the structure of English trust law

Melissa Benson (UCL) – Violence and the Persian Empire (539-ca. 519BCE)

Anna Bloxam (UCL) – Cremation practices of the British Chalcolithic

Paula Borowska (KCL) – The Protestant Minorities in Belarus and Ukraine. The Modes of Engagement with Civil Society

Lisa-Maria Brusius (KCL) – Vocal aesthetic practices in Muslim communities in Germany

Rosalyn Buckland

Thomas Byrne (KCL) – The Value Problem in Epistemology

Jocelyn Campbell (KCL) – Reconciling systematic compositional strategies, extemporization and indeterminacy

Giulia Cavicchioli (UCL) – Surviving the disasters: Rebuilding life, narratives of refugees’ native place and the role of the media in post 3.11 disasters’ Japan

Chiara Ciampa (KCL) – Pindar and the Presocratics

Lewis Coenen-Rowe (KCL) – Realism in Contemporary Classical Music

Alexander Curry (SAS) – The contestation of state-society relations and citizenship in Mexico and Columbia

Joseph Da Costa (KCL) – The place of the humanism in discourses of early modern Portuguese colonialism

Maria Dahl (KCL) – A Eurocentric Idea of Development: How Western Political Economy shaped the idea of development within Indian Political Economy (1870-1914)

Ben Dalton (KCL) –Plasticity in Contemporary French Thought, Literature and Film: Witnessing Transformations with Catherine Malabou

Cedric Deschrijver (KCL) – Conceptualising the Bailouts: A Linguistic-Pragmatic Discourse Analysis of British Newspaper Reporting of the Eurozone Crisis (2010-2011)

Katherine Emery (KCL) – Music, Politics and Sanctity in the Cult of Thomas Becket: 1170-1538

Leila Essa (KCL) – German and South Asian Partition Literature

Katarzyna Falecka (UCL) – Troubling Proximities: The French-Algerian Colonial Past in Contemporary Art

Ana Franjic (UCL) – Iron age glass technology in Souther Carpathian Basin

Alexander Franklin (KCL) – Emergence and Reduction in the Foundations of Condensed Matter Physics

Sophie Fuller (UCL) – Statius and the ‘Commedia’

Biagio Gatto (UCL) – The continuity of classical culture in Priscian’s Grammar

Alexandros Gkosevits (UCL) – Tragic Thinking: Tragedy and the concept of the tragic in post-Kantian German philosophy

Lara Carretero Gonzalez (UCL) – On the origins of bread cultures in the Near East: a new archaeobotanical perspective on changing cuisine and cooking practices at Neolithic Çatalhöyük (Turkey)

Barney Harris (UCL) – Macroengineering in Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Britain and Ireland

Emilie Hayter (UCL) – A Game of Stones: production, consumption and the social perception of architectural stone in Minoan Crete

Theresa Heath (KCL) – Taking Back the City: Reclaiming Urban Space Through Queer Film and Queer Film Festivals

Leonard Hodges (KCL) – Identity, Encounter and the French East India Company

Sarah Hoile (UCL) – Death, Time and Commerce: innovation and conservatism in styles of funerary material culture in 18th-19th century London

Matthew Holman (UCL) – Frank O’Hara: Europe & Cosmopolitan Poetics

Asha Hornsby (UCL) – Vivisection and the Victorians 1850-1907

Faten Hussein (KCL) – Illness as Allegory: Political and Social Critique in Arabic Illness Narrative

David Isaacs (UCL) – Self-Doubt: Revision and the Late Modernist Crisis of Confidence

Charles Jansen (UCL) – Title TBC

Samuel Jeffery (KCL) – A worldwide family on a mission’: The history of the Newfrontiers network in transnational perspective (1980-2011)

Sarah Johanesen (KCL) – Subversion, Dissent and Religious Expression: The Material Culture of Catholics in Post-Reformation England

Samuel Kimpton-Nye (KCL) – Necessitarianism About Laws and Modal Naturalism

Aleksandra Kubica (KCL) – Mobile memory: travelling museums and neglected narratives in post-communist Poland

Matthew Lampitt (KCL) – French in Wales: Cambro-Norman Contact in the Literatures of Twelfth-Century Britain

Amy Lidster (KCL) – Producing the ‘history’ play: The agency of repertory companies, stationers and patronage networks

Eva Christina Lienen (UCL) – Common Law Constitutional Rights

Fintan Mallory (KCL) – Is Language a Complex System?

Annegret Marten (KCL) –Monsters, Language and Speechlessness in Modern German Language Texts

Josephine Mills (UCL) – Tracking the Hunters: Geochemical Profiling of Neanderthal stone Tools as a Means to Reconstruct Movement, Landscape Use, and Social Interaction in the middle Palaeolithic English Channel

Tessa Morrison (SAS) –Writing (from the outside: exile, marginality and identity in the works of Alicia Kozameh, Reina Roffe’ and Nora Strejilevich

Romola Nuttall (KCL) –Shakespeare and Patronage

Elizabeth Ogle (KCL) – Maracatu, Candomblé and Performances of Counter-Cultural Citizenship in Brazil

David Olbrich (UCL) – Obligation and Practical Necessity

Edgar Phillips (UCL) – Rationality and Perspective-Taking in Interpersonal Understanding

Natacha Puglisi (KCL) – The universalization of the sanctoral cycle in the Christian liturgical year during the 4th and 5th centuries

Elisabeth Sawerthal (KCL) – Prophets, Kings, and Power: How are Kingly and Divinatory Authority, as Reflected in the Phenomena of Divination and Magic in Ancient Israelite and Egyptian Society, Interrelated?

Sanna Stegmaier (KCL) – Between embodied and spectral Holocaust Memory – a case study of Austrian, German and US witness projects in the Digital Age

Matthew Tanton (KCL) – Conflict and Rivalry in 13th and 14th Century Byzantium: a comparison of Trapezuntine and Nicaean political ideologies and propaganda

Charlotte Thevenet (UCL) – The Rhetorics of the Commentary in Jacques Derrida’s divided texts

Philip Thompson (UCL) – Conceptualising Digital Objects

Youri van den Hurk (UCL) – Social Implications of Cetacean Exploitation in North-western Europe

Isobel Ward (KCL) – An exploration into the commodification of home and the problematization of movement in London

Daniel Wilkinson (UCL) – After Michelangelo: A Contemporary Baroque

Henrietta Williams (UCL) – The Drone’s Eye View: How will military drone technologies transform techniques of surveillance and control within the UK?

Theo Williams (KCL) – Pan-Africanism and Socialism in Britain, c.1928-1945

Jake Woitowicz (KCL) – Williams, Character, and Ethics

Jonathan Wood (UCL) – The transmission of silver and silver extraction technology across the Mediterranean by the Phoenicians in the 8th and 7th Centuries B.C.E. – A precursor for the Classical Age

Adam Wyatt (KCL) – A State of Re-Emergency: Visions of Texas in Contemporary American Cinema

Marta Zboralska (UCL) – The Art of Being Together: Inside the Studio of Henryk Stazewski and Edward Krasinski


Eliana Sur-Szpiro