Samuel Agbamu (KCL) – Africa in the Roman Imagination

Lilija Alijeva (SAS) – Minority Rights in Independent Estonia and Latvia: language policy obstacles and the right to effective political participation for Russian-speaking minorities

Cydonie Banting (KCL) – Music as a micro-enterprise? The role of creativity in the social and economic transformation of a rural Ugandan village

Julie Bonzon (UCL) – “Race” in Contemporary South African Photography: The Market Photo Workshop

Roland Brennan (UCL) – The Semantic Field of the Sacred in Old English

Joseph Brown (UCL) – “The fuel of interest to the fire of genius”. Business, intellectual property, and the basic research laboratory. The Land experiments in colour vision – a case study

Hannah Bullmore (UCL) – The Development of Domestic Architecture in Britain and Ireland, 4000-1000 BC

Luke Burke (UCL) – Hyperintensionality

Hannah Burke -Tomlinson (KCL) – The Body Poetic: Masculinity and Metapoetics in Latin Love Elegy and English Romantic Lyric

Alasdair Cameron (KCL) – The Anxieties of (Post-)Nationhood: Dissonant Voices in Postwar German Cultural Identity

Frederick Carnegy-Arbuthnott (UCL) – Revolts in Andalusia, 1647-52: Climate, society and crisis

Maria Teresa Chicote Pompanin (SAS) – Patronage, Fame and Memory in Early Modern Spain. Juan and Diego Pacheco, Marquises of Villena (c. 1445 – 1529)

Harriet Cook (KCL) – ‘Cantigas de coita’: A Reevaluation of Masculine Desire in the Galician-Portuguese Troubadour Lyric

Timothy Cooper (UCL) – The Black Market Archive: The Circulation of Pirated Pakistani Films as Archive and Infrastructure

Molly Corlett (KCL) – TBC

Roser Lopez Cruz (KCL) – Staging Judaism: Jews as ‘Figures of Thought’ in the plays of Lope de Vega

Erin Cunningham (KCL) – The Modern Irish Sonnet

Rita Dal Martello (UCL) – Contact, influence and dispersal. An analysis of agriculture and cooking practices in Neolithic Yunnan, and the diaspora of Upper Yangtze populations

Catherine Dale (UCL) – Rethinking Persons

Annamaria Dall’Anese (UCL) – The Role of Photography in the Construction of the Self and in the Creation of Personal Histories among Blind and Partially Sighted Individuals

Giuliano Danieli (KCL) – The Dialectic of Folk Music and Bourgeois Ideology in Pasolini’s Films

Sara De Martin (KCL) – A New Investigation of Theognis’ Indirect Tradition

Effy Efthymiou (KCL) – Exploring the compositional potential of sonic illusions

Grace Emmett (KCL) – ‘Maleness’ and ‘Femaleness’ in Pauline Literature: A Study in Gender Identity

Hugo Fagandini (KCL) – The use of Krautrock soundtracks in the films of the New German Cinema

Connor Fairbairn (KCL) – Political Innovation in Plato’s Statesman, Republic and Laws

Ada Fama (KCL) – The Role of Constitutional Courts in the ‘Transnational Era’

Freya Field-Donovan (UCL) – A Strange American Funeral: Proletarian Dance in 1930s America

Karel Fraaije (UCL) –  Poetic performance as a Restorative Strategy: Wisdom and Rationality in the West Germanic Metrical Charms

Paolo Gattavari (UCL) – Lucian in the Renaissance

Isobel Gibbin (UCL) – A value-chain ethnography of classical music performance in London

Lydia Goodson (SAS) – Umbrian Patrons 1480-1510; A Study in the Dynamics of Regional Patronage

Lisa Grant (UCL) –

Matthew Groves (KCL) – Holy Madness as a Genuine Imitation of Christ

Robin Hughes (KCL) – Metaphysical Vagueness: A rigorous account and some applications

Talita Ilacqua (KCL) – Identities and nationalisms in the French Basque Country (1785-1856)

Karolina Jurdeczka (KCL) – Out of Time: Temporality and Cinephilia in Historical Film

Paul Kelly (KCL) – Risk and Return in Roman Egypt: evidence for a financially rational market?

Laurence Kent (KCL) – Radical Contemplation: The Metaphysics of (a) Life in Gilles Deleuze’s Film-Philosophy

Nicholas Laessing (UCL) – 5 Minutes to Midnight: Hydrogen and its Agency in Ecological Art in the Age of The Anthropocene

James Laing (UCL) – TBC

Ifigeneia Liangi (UCL) – The Architectural Novel: A study on the Greek spaces of magical realism

Thomas Liano (UCL) – Divert Failure : Cixous, Genet, Roubaud

Tommaso Manzon (KCL) – To Become Oneself: Irony, Philosophy, and Spirituality with reference to Lear, Kierkegaard, and Nietzsche

Lianna Mark (KCL) – Staging Counter-Narratives: Contemporary British Theatre in the Age of Disruption

Rowan Mellor (UCL) – What is Collective Responsibility?

James Metcalf (KCL) – Sites of memory: the liminal spaces of graveyard poetry

Hannah Middleton (UCL) – TBC

Jonah Miller (KCL) – The State of Men in Early Modern England

Adelais Mills (UCL) – TBC

Jacob Fairless Nicholson (KCL) – Learning anti-racism: a cultural geography of anti-racist education in London, 1970-1990

Ole Nordland (UCL) – Iron making in Viking Age Scandinavia (c. AD 750 – 1000): Political power, knowledge transmission and technological changes

Peter Paine (KCL) – Praying for the Nation: Faith and Belonging in the Ukrainian Far Right

Jordan Phillips (UCL) – Carnival and the carnivalesque in Francophone Caribbean Theatre

Luke Prendergast (UCL) – Reading for a Cure in Edmund Spenser and Robert Burton

James Rakoczi (KCL) – Conditions of Possibility: Merleau-Ponty and the Medical Humanities

George Redwood (KCL) – Read Thy Self: Selfhood and Self Knowledge in the Works of Thomas Hobbes

Edmund Robinson (UCL) – The International Humanitarian Law regulation of state support to participants in armed conflict

Lauren Rozenberg (UCL) – The cognitive phantasm and material perception of Christ in late medieval parchment culture

Stefano Salemi (UCL) – “I have set thee for a מוֹפֵת [sign]” (Ez. 12,6). A Synchronic-Exegetical study. Ezekiel’s “Symbolic dimension of Prophetism” in Jewish tradition and Early Christian interpretations

Andrew Short (UCL) – The politics and practice of assimilation in the late-nineteenth century United States

Christine Spencer (UCL) – Picking up the pieces: Assessing the role of archaeological survey data in long-term social change

Cecilia Stinton (UCL) – Embodying Abstraction: The Multimedia Works of Wassily Kandinsky and Natalia Goncharova, 1909-1916

Peter Swallow (KCL) – The Reception of Aristophanes in Victorian Britain

Kate Swinson (UCL) – Over-Hunting, Population Pressure, or Climate Change? Meta-Analysis of the Drivers of Faunal Change in the Late Palaeolithic Levant

Thomas van de Putte (KCL) – Reenacting Auschwitz. Coping with memory of occupation, war and genocide for inhabitants of Oswiecim (Auschwitz)

Lucia Vannini (SAS) – The role of digital technologies in Papyrology: practices and user needs in papyrological research

Genevieve Verdigel (SAS) – The Engravings of Benedetto Montagna: Their Conception and Reception within the Social and Artistic Milieu of the Early Sixteenth Century Veneto

Umberto Veronesi (UCL) – The alchemy of early modern glass: Philosophy, modern science and the market at Oxford’s Officina Chimica

Hannah Vinter (KCL) – Piecing together the past: collage techniques in contemporary textual engagements with lost histories from the 1930s and 40s

Adam Walls (UCL) – Light as Lived Space: Investigations into the Modern Visual Environment as Represented in Urban Literature

Bryony White (KCL) – From Margins to Market: Performance, Contemporary Art and the Law

Benjamin Whittle (UCL)- A study of the translation of Hebrew verbal stems in the Pentateuch into Greek

Gregor Williamson (UCL) – The Syntax and Semantics of Wh-Infinitivals

Harvey Wiltshire (UCL) – Shakespeare’s Poetics of Blood

Daniela Zanini (SAS) – Historical Traumas and Deferred Memories. The Case of Contemporary Italian Literature of Emigration

Doriane Zerka (KCL) – Spain, A Travelling Concept: Images of Iberia in Medieval German Literature

Agata Zielinska (UCL) – Institutionalising the Latin Church on Christendom’s Eastern Periphery: Poland in the 13th and 14th centuries