Katherine Ambler (KCL) – Ethnicity, urbanisation and labour relations: anthropology in Southern and Central Africa 1936 – 1956

Allegra Baggio Corradi (SAS) – The Aesthetic Laboratory: Art, Religion and Philosophy in Renaissance Padua

Valentina Barrile (KCL) – Literary short-circuits: poetic quotations in Himerius

Tom Beevers (KCL) – Probabilistic Semantics and Vagueness

Dominic Birch (KCL) – Alternative Dispute Resolution in Historical Perspective: A Sociological Study of Early Modern Dispute

Alfonso Borragan (UCL) – Stone ingestion and a metabolic Photography

Isabella Brooks-Ward (UCL) – Victorian Cultures of Self-Help

Juliet Brown (UCL) – The Battle for Britain’s Mind

Elizabeth Chant (UCL) – ‘Horizon on Horizon’: The Evolution of Patagonian Spaces and Places

Gemma Cornetti (SAS) – The Social Life of Early Modern Italian Portrait Prints

Elizabeth Coulter (UCL) – The pragmatic enrichment of legislation: context, inference and morality in legal interpretation

Nicholas Currie (UCL)

Sabine de Graaf (UCL) – A Future in the Making: Waiting, Hoping and Networking. A research project on Syrian refugees in Greece navigating the uncertainties of their situation

Clara de Massol (KCL) – Remembering Climate Change: Memorial Practices in the Anthropocene

Marco Dosi (KCL) – Reconsidering the political relatioships of Odovacar and Theodoric with Constantinople

George Evans (KCL)

Sophie Eager (KCL) – Reading, Embodiment and Fantasy in Late Barthes

Helena Fallstrom (UCL)

Myriam Fellous-Sigrist (KCL) – Private yet public: addressing the ethical, legal and curatorial issues of digital oral history

Anna Lucia Furlan (KCL) – Henotheism in Orphic sources : origins, development and reception

Eleanor Gluck (KCL) – Dissolving boundaries: Gender and sexuality in three French transgressive erotic texts and their English-language translations

Jacob Gracie (KCL) – Anxiety and the Remains of Thought

Alexander Grafen (UCL) – The Whitechapel Boys and the Little Magazine

Pauline Harding (UCL) – Ritual, identity and ideology: constructing the past in Uganda and Nigeria

Lorna-Belle Harty (KCL) – Religious Belief and Practice amongst the Irish Traveller community of Northern Ireland after the Troubles and in a post-Brexit climate: An Ethnographic Perspective

Rowena Hawkins (KCL) – Shakespeare and Global Festival Cultures

Rosalind Hayes (UCL) – Visualising Artificial Refrigeration in Nineteenth-Century Britain and France

Katrin Heilmann (KCL) – Chinese Civil Defence

Stephen Hills (UCL) – Pavlov’s Dogs in the Press, Literature and Cybernetics 1928 – 1961

Joanne Hornsby (KCL) – Metaphors of Production: What to Make of the Avant-Garde

Estera Jaros (KCL) – Samba de Roda on the Ground: A New Perspective on Gender and Intangible Cultural Heritage

Nino Kadić (KCL) – Panpsychism and the Combination Problem

Melek Karatas (KCL) – Illuminating Women: female agency and experience in the fourteenth-century bookmaking atelier

Kasim Khorasanee (UCL) – Voter competence and liberal democracy

Ivan Knapp (UCL) – Codes of conflict and histories of opposition: power, anxiety and identity in media strategy

Susannah Knights (KCL) – Musical Experience and the Formation of Social Groups in Tunis’ City Centre

Marcel Knöchelmann (UCL) – Reputation, recognition, and publishing behaviour in scholarly publishing

Christina Lee (KCL) – From Self-cultivation to Self-care: Cross-Cultural Biopolitics in Body-mind Literature

Otto Lehto (KCL) – Universal Basic Income: Philosophical Justifications and Institutional Robustness

Arendse Lund (UCL) – Reading Power and Authority in Old English Literature and Law

Peter Lythe (UCL) – Utility, truth and God: Religion in the thought of Jeremy Bentham

Phoebe Martin (UCL) – Culture as protest: the uses of writing, art and performance to tackle cultural gender norms in Peru

Francesca Masiero (UCL) – Literacy and learning in Latin and vernacular schools in the Veneto in the XV and early XVI century

Robert Mills (KCL) – New Queer Citizenship: Queer Cinema as Direct Activism, 1985 – 1996

Sarah Moxham (UCL) – Poetic Happenings: The relationship between twentieth-century French and Italian poetry and performance art

Federica Nardella (KCL) – Ottoman şarkı: the song, changing continuity and late Ottoman modernity

William Pimlott (UCL) – Yiddish in Britain: Immigration, Culture and the East End

Ornella Prato (UCL) – Intertwined lives in the Mediterranean: Humans and animals at Etruscan Tarquinia

Tommaso Priviero (UCL) – Sacrum Facere (Making Sacred). Journeys Into the ‘Mundus Imaginalis’: C.G.Jung’s Red Book, Dante and the Visionary Tradition

Benedikt Reinke (KCL) – The European Union – a transnational militant democracy? 

Alison Richens (KCL) – Subjectivity and Performative Memory in Texts of Displacement

John Ritzema (KCL) – Theophany and the Judahite Temple Cult in the Hebrew Bible

Emma Rozenberg (KCL) –The Plight of the ‘Misbegotten’: A Critical Analysis of Approaches to Mamzerut in the British Jewish Community

Rioghnach Sachs (KCL) – The Sapphic Mode: Lesbian Fluidity in the Classical Tradition

Vittorio Sandri (UCL) – Kierkegaard’s conception of truth as subjectivity

Jack Sargeant (UCL) – The Spatialities of Provincial Politics and the English Civil War

Davide Schirru (UCL) – Sardinia’s Bronze Age Nuragic landscapes and their functional dynamics

Konrad Siekierski (KCL) – Pilgrimage and Sacred Places in Modern Armenian Culture

Christopher Silvester (UCL) – A dental revolution? The intriguing effects of the profound social and dietary changes of the 18/19th centuries on the masticatory system.

David Sommer (UCL) – Transcendental logic and the investigation of linguistic competence

Laura Staab (KCL) – Absences of the image and the Cixousian feminine

Samuel Thompson (KCL) – The Reception of the Classics in German Exile Literature

Alberto Tondello (UCL) – Inanimate Matter in the Writing of James Joyce: Objects, Things, and Quasi-Objects within and beyond Consumerist Culture

Alessandro Toti (UCL) – O. M. Ungers’ collaborative architectural publications: the Veröffentlichungen zur Architektur (1965-1969)

Patrick Verge (KCL)

Rianna Walcott (KCL) – Hidden Faces in Closed Spaces: Identity Formation and Code-Switching in Black Cyber-Feminist Groups

Abigail Walker (KCL) – Ovid’s ‘Metamorphoses’ and the Arts: Transformations of Literary Myths into Visual Narratives

Anthony Walker-Cook (UCL) – Our British nymphs’: Women Writers and the Classics, 1700-1789

Savannah Whaley (KCL) – Feminist Irritants’: The gendered body in performance and protest

Cecily Whiteley (KCL) – Metaphysics in the Neuroscience of Consciousness

Caroline Wilson (UCL)

Julian Wojtowicz (KCL) – England’s Dagger on the Continent: Britain and the occupation of Austria, 1945-55

Emma Zürcher (UCL) – A comparative study into the historiographical interpretations of territorial loss in the eleventh to thirteenth