Katie Arthur(KCL) – Shock Therapy: The Obscene as a Mode of Queer Becoming in the Works of William S Burroughs and John Waters

Elliot Askew (UCL) –  Requiem for Reality- An Intellectual History of the Response to Neoliberalism in 1980s America

Sahana Bajpaie (KCL) – The Politics Of Performance and Censorship in Tagore’s Music (Rabindrasangeet)

Ivana B (KCL) – Infrastructures of exclusion: Roadscapes and bus routes in Galilee

Alexander Bonham (KCL) – Animal Ethics as Metaphilosophy

Fabian Broeker (KCL) – The city that never sleeps (alone): Dating and intimate digital mediation in New York

Matthew Brown(UCL) – Coordination and scalar implicature in British Sign Language: a corpus-led pragmatic study

Sonna Cadman (KCL) – Constructing and performing English identity on the British stage

Sam Caleb (UCL) – Part of the game: a study of games as metaphor and texts as games in postwar British avant-garde literature

Vincent Chabany-Douarre (KCL) – The Culture of Home and Segregation in Postwar Los Angeles

Linda Clayworth (KCL) – In the Firing Line: women war artists, materiality and gendered remembrance of war

Sarah Coviello (SAS) – Professional passions: Art Historians as Collectors and Philanthropists

Merlin Cox (SAS) – The Renaissance of Platonic Theurgy from Ficino to Agrippa

Joseph Crampin (UCL)

Anna Crisp (KCL) – Remembering colonialism: race and identity formation in post-war Britain

Christophe de Rauglaudre (KCL) – An evolutionary argument against scientific realism

Saffron East (UCL) –  Activism and Identity within postcolonial migrant communities in Britain

William Eckersley (UCL) – Socratic Wisdom in Plato’s Theaetetus 149a-151d

Patrick Edgley (UCL) – Triangulating the Human: Exploring Species Identity in Physical Cosmology

Jack Edmunds (KCL) – The Reformist Intentions of Bernard Mandeville

Daniel Elbro (KCL) – Agency as the grounds for moral status

Jacob Engelberg (KCL) – Depraved Bisexuality in Cinema: 1970s – 2000s

Kirsty Fife (UCL) – Challenging Voices: Documenting, Archiving and Curating Archival Traces from UK-based DIY Music Subcultures

Federico Filauri (SAS) – Ernst Bloch and the Messianic Idea in the Twentieth Century Thought

Stella Fox (UCL) – Understanding and managing ‘Inclusion’ in Tel-Aviv’s urban space

Michael Grace (KCL)

Jessica Hannah (UCL) – Anglophone Modernisms and Avant-Gardes: Materiality, Transmission and Contact in Experimental Literature 1914-1979

Denise Rose Hansen (UCL) – This Is Not a Novel: The 1960s Experimental British Novel and the Visual Arts

Chloe Harrison (UCL) – Queer Subjectivity and Sexual Practices: An examination of the role of sexual activity in the emergence of queer sexuality

Jack Hayes (UCL) – The Construction and Role of the Beloved in Sixteenth Century Franco-Italian Vernacular Petrarchism

Manfred Hedley (KCL) – How far does the theme and language of covenant influence the theology of the Book of Lamentations?

Elizabeth Hibbert (KCL)  ‘Time unfixed’: Time, Narrative and the First World War

Chloe Julius (UCL)  Playing Identity: Jewish Artists and Jewishness, 1990 – 2000

Anneke Kampman (UCL) – Pop Control: Dead, Air, Management

Erato Kartaki (KCL) – 3D printing technology and materials for the aesthetic restoration of ceramic artefacts

Meret Elisa Kaufmann (UCL) – (K)not a symptom: on Rosemary Trockel, drawing and psychoanalysis

Thomas Keeley (UCL) – Walking, Reading, and Writing the Irish Border

Benjamin Kolbeck (KCL) – Christians and Soldiers: The experience and representation of Roman military interaction with early Christian communities.

Marie Kvicalova (UCL) – Age-related differences in dental caries between men and women: Social and biological factors

Kirstine la Cour (UCL) – The Moral Sentimentalism of Adam Smith

Georgina Le Breuilly (KCL) – Unseen Object, Observed Subject: Racialized Embodiment, Labour, and Performativity in American Experimental Film

Alice Marinelli (UCL) – Replication, Differentiation and Innovation: Pictorial Identity in early modern Rome

Belinda Martin Porras (KCL) – Visualizing the Monster: Hybrid Bodies in Archaic Greek Grave Stelai

Gwendoline Maurer (UCL) – Diaspora Subsistene Strategies: Tracing 3rd millennium migrants to the Levant

Aleida Cristina Mendes Borges (KCL) – Entering the State: Everyday practices of youth political participation in Lusophone Africa

Andreas Moeller (KCL) – Individuals’ complicity in collective violence during the Bosnian war (1992-1995)

Andrew Neish (UCL)

Veronica Occari (UCL) –  Byzantine and Islamic elements in Italian glass: From the Early Middle Ages to the Renaissance with a special focus on the role of Venice

Laurence Osborn (KCL) – Storytelling Strategies as a Source for Compositional Principles

Emily Patterson (KCL) – ‘Lapidary’ Latin and the creation of a ‘poetic medium’ in Latin poetry

Maria Paola Pofi (KCL) – Media space: opportunities and challenges for ethnic minorities. Identity, belonging and inclusion of Muslim migrants in Italy

Joseph Prestwich (KCL) – ‘German-ness’ on the British stage

James Reath (UCL) – Anexact Modernism

Anja Rekeszus (KCL) – Looking beyond the garden fence: 19th-century women writers and their transcultural fairy tales

Rebecca Rowson (UCL)

Sophia Sakellaridis Mangoura (KCL) – Representations of American Femininities in the 20th-century Opera: The Construction of the American Woman

Vasiliki Saloustrou (KCL) – Close relationships in Greek youth storytelling: a model for conceptualizing im/politeness through small stories and identity analysis

Ferdinand Saumarez Smith (KCL) – The Afterlife of the Mysteries: freemasonry and antiquarian thought in the age of Enlightenment

Natalie Sedacca (UCL) – Labour rights as human rights – domestic workers in the UK and Latin America

Robert Singh (KCL) – Mathematical Perception and Religious Epistemology

Sayan Skandarajah (UCL) – Authorship and Authority: Parallel Projection and the Ambiguous Urban Image

Fiona Skinner (UCL) – Human-environment relationships in Upper Palaeolithic France: an holistic approach

Lucy Sladen (UCL) – Changing Human-Animal Interactions in post-Roman Britain: Can We Detect Socio-Economic and Cultural Change?

Hermione Spriggs (UCL) – Drawing into Being – Trapping as a Practice for Perspective Exchange

Aysha Strachan (KCL) – Women as Sexual Predators in Medieval German Literature

Leora Sung (UCL) – A Virtue Ethics approach to Beneficence

Elena Terranova (KCL) – Dance in Museums: An investigation into the cross-sector creative strategy of the 21st century

Harriet Thompson (KCL) – Women on the Wire: Telegraphic Writing in Britain and the United States


Sharon Grace Touzel (SAS) – From Field to Philosophy: Structures, Content, and Context of Notebooks at the Natural History Museum

Elena Terranova (KCL) – Dance in Museums: An investigation into the cross-sector creative strategy of the 21st century

Hannah Tran (UCL) – William Hazlitt and the Philosophy of Habit

Rebecca Van Straten (UCL) – Olivetti: Typing a History of Italian Photography

Dimitris Venizelos (KCL) – Urbanisms of Difference – The Landscapes of Leisure

Nikhil Venkatesh (UCL) – Utilitarianism, Socialism and Equality

Leah Veronese (UCL) – Suing for Grace: Petition, Intercession and Early Modern English Poetry

Nina Vindum Rasmussen (KCL) – European Cinema in an Era of Big Data: Algorithms, Creativity, and Industry Structures

Scott Wakeham (KCL) – Early Medieval Autobiography: Representations of the Self in the Early Middle Ages

Alice Wright (KCL) – Human and Non-Human Animals: Capacities and Selves in Descartes and Kant

Victoria Ziegler (UCL) – A study of urban trans-location in early medieval England: occupation identities in Saxon London c770-1020

Alica Zimmerlin (UCL) – Anthropology of the Outer-Space: Worlding at JAXA