LAHP 2019-20 Student Cohort’s Projects

Christopher Adams (SAS) Queer Fiction Publishing in Britain, 1945-1967

Naomi Alderson (UCL) Implicit Cognition and Agency

Euan Allison (UCL) Constitutivism and the Authority of Morality

Pablo Luis Alvarez (RCA) En-acting voices: Rhetorical platforms, public speaking and curatorial discourse

Samuel Amos (QMUL) Julian Amery and his contemporaries: a British Network

Angelica Baker Ottaway (KCL) From the Classical to the Biopolitical: Tracing the Ancient Roots of Contemporary Political Discourse

Harshadha Balasubramanian (UCL) An Anthropology of Virtual Reality (VR) Journalism and the Production of Truth

Eliot Benbow (QMUL) The Shrine and the Marketplace: Religious Materiality in London during the Long Fifteenth Century (1370-1530)

Sonia Bernaciak (RCA) Narrative logics of hate speech: algorithms of fascist storytelling in the digital age.

Victor Braga Weber (UCL) Genealogy and Philosophy

Gabriel Bristow (UCL) Don Cherry’s life and music

Sebastian Buser (UCL) Trans-Architectural History of the Women’s Anarchist Nuisance Cafe (WANC)

John Caitlin (UCL) Cities of the Living and the Dead: burial practices and emotional communities in late medieval Mediterranean cities

Genevieve Caulfield (UCL) Can We Believe Our Own Eyes?: Optics, Vision and Cognition in Late Medieval Religion

Lorena Cervera Ferrer (UCL) Latin American Women’s Political Documentary: Practices and Aesthetics 1970-1995

Gregory Coates (KCL) ‘Victoria nobilium’: the politics of the 90s and 80s BC reconsidered 

Sarah Collier (UCL) Between man and machine: masculinity, technology and spatiality in contemporary U.S. war fiction

Marta Conti Lorenzo (KCL) Emergence and Causation: Is higher-level causation possible in a purely physical world?

Daniel Cunniffe (KCL) A History of the Representation of ‘Gypsies’ in Early Modern Britain

Karl Heiner Dahm (KCL) Writing about Violence in a Realm of Peace and Piety – A Study on Violence and Authority in Sozomen’s and Socrates Scholasticus’ Ecclesiastical Histories

Manfredi de Bernard (KCL) Complex Cultural Ecologies: capturing value through connections between public, private and not-for-profit organisations in the creative economy

Juan de Lara (UCL) Experiencing the Divine: Lighting strategies and temple illumination in Bassae, Olympia and Athens

Nadine Deller (RCSSD) Playing in the Dark – Women Playwrights in the Black Plays Archive

Kate Scarlett Duffy (RCSSD) Performing self-authored narratives of unaccompanied refugee young men: rethinking young male migrant identities through performance. 

Michael Durant (RCM) Musicians’ health and wellbeing: A study of health literacy and promotion in higher music education

Sarah Edwards (UCL) Thinking Environments of Their Own: (Re)Reading the Page-Spaces Created by Experimental Women Writers From 1990-Present Day

Harriet Fagerberg (KCL) The Epistemology and Metaphysics of Brain Dysfunction 

Peter Flew (UCL) The Reception of Serafim of Sarov in Pre- and Post-Revolutionary Russia

Giacomo Fontana (UCL) The Samnites and successful alternatives to urban organisation in the 1st millennium BCE Mediterranean

Imogen Free (KCL) Resonance and Resistance: The Politics of Aurality and Orality in Interwar Women’s Writing

Finn Gleeson (UCL) The politics of heritage in East London, c.1970- the present

Blanca Gómez García (UCL) The British Exile: Memory and Trauma in the Works of Spanish Writers Exiled in Great Britain after the Spanish Civil War

Sonam Gordhan (UCL) ‘Square Peg, Round Hole’: Exploring the Evolutionary Relationship Between Climate Change Litigation and the Development of Legal Doctrine

Sophie Hemmings (KCL) The monetary economy of Carolingian Italy, c. 750-850

Rebecca Herman (RCM) An investigation into the effects of a mindfulness intervention for conservatoire students with music performance anxiety 

Alex Ho (RCM) Navigating and reshaping socio-cultural boundaries through sonic examinations into intersections between Chinese and British cultures.

Ruth Hobley (QMUL) ‘Things of shreds and patches’: The nineteenth-century literary fragment

Millie Horton-Insch (UCL) Women’s Role in the ‘Survival’ of Insular Artistic Traditions after the Norman Conquest

Nicola Hurt (KCL) Roman Knife Handles in the North Western Provinces

Ajamu Ikwe-Tyehimba (RCA) The Darkroom Encounter: Towards a Difractive Theory of Contemporary Photographic Portraiture.

Katie Irani ( RCA) Material Culture in the Indian Army during the First World War

Tasnim Ismail (UCL) The Myriad Styles of being Human 

Georgina Izzard (RCA) Tools, Skill and Identity: The Work of British Manufacturing Jewellers, 1945-1965

Catherine James (SAS) Women’s Ownership of Medical Knowledge in Tudor and Stuart England, 1485-1714

David Klemperer (QMUL) The Ideological Crisis of French Socialism, 1930 – 1950

Elena Ktori (UCL) The Art, Science and Philosophy of Electronic Music and Sound: The deconstruction of music through Daphne Oram and her contemporaries in the early British electronic music scene.

Varvara Kuz (UCL) The Role of Bilingualism in prediction mechanisms in L1 sentence processing

Elinora Lane (UCL) The Use of Emblems by Women in Sixteenth-Century Italy

Joshua Leon (RCA) If this is a Man: A Practice based enquiry into Authenticity, Jewishness and Masculinity

Chloé Locatelli (KCL) “The Future of Intimacy and Sextech: Gendered Modalities of Posthuman Technologies in Sexual Commerce”

Benjamin Lomas (QMUL) Weather Writing in England’s Maunder Minimum (1645-1715)

Joe Macdonald (QMUL) Convention, Custom and Constitutionality – Traditionalist Nationalism in the ‘High Commission Territories,’ 1919-39

Cathleen Mair (QMUL) Republican Passions: Germaine de Staël and Mary Wollstonecraft on the Politics of Emotion and the French Revolution, c.1785-1815

Nick Makoha (KCL) The Metic Experience of the Black British Writer – Challenging the Margins of African writing

Emma Kate Matthews (UCL) Spatiosonic Constructs: Exploring Reciprocities in Architecture and Music

John McDonnell (SAS) Physical, Cultural and Environmental Destruction in West Papua: Re-examining the UN Convention of the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide

Fraser McIlwraith (UCL) Ludic Rhetoric: Serious Play in Tudor England

Tom Meadows (QMUL) The analysis of suspended affixation: coordination, morphosyntax and the architecture of the language faculty

Ana Catarina Midoes Lopes Branco Vital (UCL) Pleistocene Palaeoecology of Olduvai Gorge (Tanzania) through the study of archaeological sediments

Yakim Milev (RCA) Defining Architectural Typologies Through Structural Topologies and Machine Learning

Peter Morgan (UCL) Remapping the Globe in an Imperial Century: Investigating the Textual Cartographies of Simón Bolívar, Domingo Sarmiento, and José Martí

Vivien Munday (RCM) How do opera singers develop the ability to embody a role?

Charlotte Munglani (KCL) An Exploration into Female Sexuality as found in Late Antique and Early Byzantine Literary Culture

Savina Petkova (KCL) Humanimalistic Worlds. A Study of Contemporary European Cinema

Tomaž Potočnik (UCL) Language change and why it happens

Kelly Power (KCL) Changing Childhoods: The Educational Experiences of Working-Class Children in the 1860s

 – Using the frame tale and motifs of the 1001 Nights as a starting point to generate 1001 artworks

Zoë Quick (UCL) Yn Adrodd Pumlumon/Telling Plynlimon : Performing a Future of a Welsh Upland Landscape

Victoria Rasbridge (UCL) Intersecting Identities: Troubled and Troubling Representations of Queenship on Stage

Susannah Rees (KCL) The Role of Cosmetics in the Construction and Performance of Identity in Ancient Israel 

Lucile Richard (UCL) The Poetics of Gendered Voices: Contemporary Francophone Women’s Writing

Massimiliano Riviera (UCL) Framing the early modern epyllion in its literary, historical and social context

Dimitrious Roussos (SAS) “ΓΝΩΘΙ ΚΑΙΡΟΝ (gnothi kairon): Experiencing Time in the Art of the Italian Renaissance

Col Self (RCA) Rituals of the Capitalocene: Navigating the Contemporary Moment Through Emergent Material Practices

Rachele Shamouni-Naghde (QMUL) Hospitality as Intangible Cultural Heritage? Concept and Practice in La Chapelle, Paris

Rhys Sparey (KCL) The Digitization of Muharram and the Digital Mediation of the Shi’a Majlis

Emily Sparkes (RCA) New illusionism: painting in the time of the screen

Diane Stoianov (UCL) Emerging Phonology, Emerging Sign: Two Cases from Brazil

Isabel Stuart (QMUL) Feeling for Feminism: Valuing Emotion in Contemporary Feminist Performance

Tatiana Suarez (QMUL) Life after Insurgency: Reintegration of Colombian Ex-Combatants after the 2016 Peace Agreement

Benjamin Theobald (UCL) The Curricula and Pedagogy of Ethics in a Thai Monastic School

Patrick Turner (KCL) The Botanical Imagination of Naturalist Literature in the Americas 

Ansar Ullah (QMUL) The Bengali Anti-Racist Movement: Mobilisation, institutionalisation and legacies of 1978

James Waddell (UCL) ‘The dangerous division of men’s minds’: Attention and distraction in late Elizabethan romances and their readers

Jacob Wiseman (UCL) ‘A diverse voice, a diverse noise’: the book of Genesis in early modern England