Student Representatives

LAHP’s student representatives play a crucial role in working with students and the LAHP team to enhance our students’ experience, share ideas about LAHP’s work (including on training & cohort development, collaborations & partnerships, and equality, diversity & inclusion), and raise any concerns. They are required to attend the termly LAHP Student Feedback Forum as well as the bi-annual LAHP Governing Council Committee meetings.

Student Representatives can be contacted on


Florence Brady – RCM (CDA student), Music, Yr 1






Michael Durrant – RCM (CDA student), Music, Yr 2






Blanca Gómez García – UCL, Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies, Yr 2





Rim Jasmin Irscheid – KCL, Music, Yr 1






Benjamin Lomas – QMUL, English, Yr 2





Caryl Mann – KCL, Music, Yr 1






Nina Vindum Rasmussen – KCL, Culture, Media and Creative Industries, Yr 3







Anja Rekezsus – KCL, German Studies, Yr 3








Vasiliki Saloustrou – KCL, Language, Discourse and Communication, Yr 3






Kirsty Warner – KCL, Culture, Media and Creative Industries, Yr 2



Victoria Rasbridge – UCL, School of European Languages, Culture and Society, Yr 2