The AHRC’s vision for its postgraduate support is to provide the strongest possible foundation for capacity, quality and creativity in the Arts and Humanities. LAHP realises this vision by supporting students to become experts in their chosen fields and to develop a wide range of skills as researchers and leaders in a digital and global world, and uses the resources and opportunities of the capital city to create civically-minded, globally-aware, socially-engaged, impactful and ethically-informed scholars.

LAHP offers a joined-up and integrated experience to students, supervisors, and non-HEI partners across a London-wide consortium. LAHP achieves this by:

  • Acting as a hub, connecting its stakeholders into what is one of the world’s most vibrant cities, full of challenges and opportunities;
  • Creating strong cohort identities through its robust training which aims to enhance the culture of PhD education across its partners, developing and sharing good practice with others and transforming the perceptions, not least of employers, of what a PhD can deliver;
  • Training and developing academically excellent, confident, creative, playful, responsible and socially-committed PhD students who will enrich the culture of the United Kingdom and beyond;
  • The creation of an innovative non-hierarchical skill-sharing model between all stakeholders – students, supervisors, non-HEI partners, and HEIs – allowing each group to share their knowledge and skills with others;
  • Engaging and working with our core non-HEI partners, enabling our students to get out into London – most of LAHP’s training takes place outside the university, in museums, galleries, Google’s Cultural Institute, archives, theatres, community spaces and schools. This provides a unique space for public engagement, designed to develop the right skills as well as equipping and supporting our students to pass on knowledge and inspiration to others.

You can read more about AHRC doctoral training in this booklet.