Allyship As A Student

Course Description:
The Allyship As… programme is designed to consider the different roles we occupy as PhD candidates and researchers and develop the skills and confidence to promote social change and disrupt systems of oppression. It looks at the theoretical and practical aspects of anti-oppressive practice in a high support, high challenge environment. This is hosted by Lou Chiu (she/her), a Culture and Relationships Coach and Consultant who specialises in allyship, safer spaces in helping professions, and Existential Coaching.

Allyship As A Student:
This session will explore how to have conversations around race, gender, sexual identities, religion, abilities, neurodiversity, age, political stance, and other identity markers. We will discuss the difference between academic debate and speaking through lived experiences. In doing so, we will cover battle fatigue, the weight of presentation, and privilege fragility.

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