Training & Cohort Development

LAHP offers a wide range of training and cohort development opportunities to all students working across the consortium and its member institutions. The aim of LAHP training is to complement existing training provided by individual HEIs through an integrated structure comprising skills training, networking and events.

LAHP’s training programme engages students across five areas of bespoke activity:

  1. Core study, covering generic skills applicable to all students irrespective of their disciplinary focus;

  2. Subject-specific and interdisciplinary training delivered through student- alumni- and/or staff-led activities (including seminars, reading groups, conferences, see our student-led activities page and staff-led activities page);

  3. Professionalisation, with opportunities to develop new professional skills (podcasting, knowledge-exchange, getting published); 4. Supplementary studies, including a range of language-acquisition options (22 courses including Arabic, Mandarin and Japanese for beginners, delivered by Kings Modern Language Centre 2021-2);

  4. Cohort-focused development skills, including allyship training, peer-support, good mental-health in research and resilience training, as well as networking opportunities.

We recognise the learning environment must be tailored to fit student needs and interests. LAHP therefore encourages students to get involved in shaping and designing their training, which they can do either directly through our Student-led Activities Fund or indirectly by making suggestions through both our training feedback mechanisms and student representatives.

Key features of LAHP’s training programme include:

  • Welcome & Induction events for incoming students
  • Welcome Back events for continuing students
  • Funding for students, LAHP alumni or staff to develop their own events, including seminars, conferences and reading groups
  • Funding for students to support research training
  • Annual research day
  • Training needs analysis
  • Professionalisation skills, incorporating placements opportunities
  • Create a network – LAHP welcomes suggestions for students to develop and lead networks across the consortium.
  • Practice-research in the arts study day
  • Understanding Digital Arts and Humanities

LAHP invites all students within our member institutions to take part in training events. We also welcome students from other UKRI-funded DTPs, where space permits, to join our training and events. Enquiries for participation in any LAHP event can be made by emailing

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