Student Representatives

LAHP’s student representatives play a crucial role in working with students and the LAHP team to enhance our students’ experience, share ideas about LAHP’s work (including on training & cohort development, collaborations & partnerships, and equality, diversity & inclusion), and raise any concerns. They are required to attend the termly LAHP Student Feedback Forum as well as the bi-annual LAHP Governing Council Committee meetings.

LAHP’s Student Representatives attend three Staff-Student Feedback Forum meetings each year. Two Student Representatives attend LAHP’s two Governing Council meetings each year. Student Representatives also convene town hall meetings and facilitate feedback through other means prior to each Staff-Student Feedback Forum meeting. Student Representatives also take a leading role in applying for funding from LAHP to support student activities.

Student Representatives will be paid £18.32/hour (UCL GTA rate) for attending LAHP’s Staff-Student Feedback Forum and Governing Council meetings.

Student Representatives can be contacted on

Join our Student Representatives

LAHP is looking to employ five new Student Representatives in the first and second year of their PhD from across LSE, QMUL, RCA, RCSSD and SAS to join five continuing Student Representatives from KCL, RCM and UCL.

We would like to appoint Student Representatives across all years of study and HEIs, and those studying on a full- and part-time basis. We particularly encourage applications from students from Black & Global Majority and other under-represented backgrounds.

Please consider nominating yourself as a student representative! The deadline to submit your application to is Friday 29 October at 12pm.

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