Additional funds to support research training

Applications for funding (except for the Research Extension Fund) must be submitted to the LAHP office on by the following deadlines:
8 November 2023
21 February 2024
12 June 2024

Please note that applications for activities taking place during the unfunded writing up year (CRS) cannot be accepted, even if submitted prior to your funding end date.

Payment of expenses claims:

LAHP will now be processing all expense claims online, via either the UCL External Visitors Expense system (for non-UCL LAHP students) or the UCL iExpenses system (for UCL LAHP students). Please note, before submitting an expense claim using either of these online systems, you will first need to email so that you can be invited to register.

If you have already registered and submitted a claim via one of the above online systems, please submit any subsequent claims via the same system.

Successful applicants will be required to submit a brief report when submitting the expenses claim for the Research Support Fund, the Research Extension and Placements Fund and the LAHP Impact, Engagement & Entrepreneurship Fund. Please email these reports to

LAHP Research Support Fund (for awards up to £3000)

LAHP Language Fund

LAHP Research Extension Fund

LAHP Impact, Engagement & Entrepreneurship Fund

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