Accessibility in Academia with field trip to the British Museum (Previous Staff-Led Events)

Friday 7th June 2019, 10.00-17.30

Room G11, Senate House (with trip to Parthenon Galleries in the British Museum)

This training day will address our legal obligations regarding Access for disabled people in our research and its dissemination.  Different guidelines are available, but there are some basic standards that we can all adhere to, which also benefit a wider demographic beyond disabled people.  While there is a practical side to this training, the day will also focus on the intellectual stimulus that this approach brings.

Acknowledging that the scope of ‘Being Human’ extends far beyond the able-bodied individual allows traditional approaches to be radically reinterpreted.  As an example, we will explore a research project that investigates Access work in museums and art galleries, namely audio description and touch tours for blind and partially sighted people, and British Sign Language tours for deaf people.  We will consider how these modes of communication can also help sighted and hearing people look at art and objects differently and in more depth.  This will demonstrate how the legal need to bear in mind Access provision for disabled people can be transformed into a positive and exciting new approach to a traditional theme, such as art appreciation.    

Most of the day will be spent in the Senate House, but it will include a two-hour session based in the Parthenon Galleries of the British Museum, with tours by audio describers and deaf art guides (with BSL interpreters).  Lunch and refreshments will be provided. 


  • The law on disability access (2010 Equality Act)
  • Making research accessible (e.g. PowerPoint presentations)
  • Ableism in the Arts & Humanities (unconscious bias)
  • Case study: introduce research project (
  • What is British Sign Language, and how does it help us ‘see’ art differently
  • What is Audio Description, and how does it help us ‘see’ art differently

Bookings are now open and close on the 3rd June.

Please click here to book your place 

The programme is broadly as follows:

10.00 Start and welcome


  • The law on disability access
  • Making research accessible
  • Ableism in the A&H
  • Case study: introduce my project (


Coffee break


  • Students’ projects and accessibility
  • What is BSL for the Deaf
  • What is AD for the Blind


  • Lunch (provided)


  • British Museum tours in the Parthenon Gallery


  • Coffee available at Senate House


  • Discussion at Senate House
  • Feedback forms
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