‘Making Sense of Allyship: Supervision Training’ with Lou Chiu

Bookings are open for all LAHP CDA Supervisors for our ‘Making Sense of Allyship: Supervision Training’ on Tuesday 11th October, 1-4.30 pm on Zoom, led by Lou Chiu

We have an upper limit of 80 spaces, and LAHP CDA supervisors will be given priority. Please book your place using the online form. Bookings will remain open until Friday 7th October, and you will receive the Zoom link.

The session will be held on Zoom, and links and light reading materials will be sent to participants before the session. Please note that this session is mandatory for all academics supervising CDA research projects starting in 2022/23.

An allyship culture actively values, celebrates and promotes the full spectrum of its current and future stakeholders. This half-day session is designed to bridge the gap between the theory and practice of allyship in organisations and different academic relationships. It will involve a mixture of activities for interactive engagement and levels of accessibility and understanding. This session will bring together the group’s collective expertise and experiences to catalyse further self-reflection, development, and making informed, affirmative actions. 

This initial training will be followed up with development sessions focused on offering ongoing support to CDA supervisors spread across the academic year.

Although we recognise the initial training date may not work for everyone, we strongly recommend you attend if possible.

Online materials

You can access materials, including the video and slides from the Making Sense of Allyship session in October, from our online learning hub: https://courses.louchiu.com/courses/AllyshipAsASupervisor. You will need to create an account, which will notify Lou Chiu to enrol you on the right programme. If you have any queries regarding access to the platform or the content of the materials, please contact Lou at hello@louchiu.com.

Those that cannot attend the session on 11th October on Zoom are expected to watch the video and slides via the online platform.

Development sessions
These are drop-in sessions designed to offer ongoing support to CDA supervisors, which will take place on Zoom on the following dates:

18th January 2023 12-1 pm
13th March 3-4 pm
27th April 11am-12 pm
16th May 4-5 pm
14th June 1-2 pm

The links will add these sessions and the Zoom links to your calendar. Alternatively, you can download the full calendar of events here. Please respond to the calendar invitation to attend any of the above development sessions or contact Lou at hello@louchiu.com. Event updates will be sent to those who have responded anything other than ‘No’ to each calendar invitation, so if in doubt, please respond – this can always be changed later if necessary.

Here is a quote from one of last year’s attendees: ‘I attended the allyship training with Lou Chiu today and quite frankly it was some of the best training I have ever received. Sophisticated, clear and complex work. Quite simply very very good indeed.’

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the sessions.

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