Alternative Sources of Postgraduate Funding – Alternative Sources of Postgraduate Funding

PGR Webinar: ‘Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding’

Are you a current PhD or PGR student who needs extra funding for fees, living expenses, research,
conference or 4th year PhD writing-up costs?

If the answer is ‘yes’, then considering attending this webinar!

It’s all about funding from unusual places you probably haven’t heard of! As well as explaining the
more ‘usual’ postgraduate funding options available, it’s mainly about alternative grant-making
bodies in Britain: principally charities, trusts, and foundations.

Charities and trusts are seldom used by students, but often make grants regardless of subject,
course, or nationality. They are an excellent – but underrated – funding option.
By the end of the course, you’ll be able to: identify the appropriate alternative funding bodies for
you, find them via books and the internet, and apply strongly and correctly.

The workshop is based on an award-winning resource called the ‘Alternative Guide to Postgraduate
Funding’. All participants will get free access (!

The workshop will be delivered by Dr. Luke Blaxill, who won 45 separate grants from charities and
trusts as a postgraduate student and whose story has been featured in several national newspapers
and on TV.

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