Introduction to Public engagement, part 1

Monday 7th March, 10am-1pm via Zoom

Course Description: 

This session will begin with an overview of LAHP’s public engagement training and its aims. Beginning with the fundamental questions What is public engagement and why is it important?  And Who are the publics for your research? the session will examine some of the key agendas of public engagement in relation to the academy and sectors beyond HE. The session will also introduce students to some core practical components of PE and starting points for thinking about engagement. It will provide students with an opportunity to reflect on past and current dissemination or outputs in a PE context, begin to build confidence in relating their research to wider publics, and explore ideas for how they may begin to develop a PE project related to their research. This is very much an invitational space in which students will work closely with PE specialists to drill down into the benefits PE can bring to their research. 

Booking information

Targeted towards students in the 2nd and 3rd year of PhD.

The deadline for booking a place will be 12pm on Friday 4th March 2022.

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