Writing Articles for publication in Peer-reviewed Journals int he Arts and Humanities

3 sessions on Monday 28th February, Tuesday 1st March and Wednesday 2nd March 2022, all 10:00 – 16:30 via Zoom

Workshop description

This workshop is designed as an intensive session to redirect writing skills learned during the PhD, highlighting the differences between writing a thesis and writing for publication, to increase researchers’ chances of acceptance in peer-reviewed journals. It includes practical advice and exercises on highlighting the contribution to the field, presenting a scholarly argument, and writing for an international readership. It also offers insights into journal editors’ criteria, the peer-review process, and the publication process and afterlife of a journal article, with implications for what to submit.

This 3-day online course combines live group work on Zoom, offline writing exercises, discussion exercises in breakout groups, and pairwork enabling mutual editing and the exchange of feedback between participants.  The writing exercises will include drafting and editing an abstract, exploring a range of styles for opening sentences, developing confident forms of citation, and writing a strong conclusion developing the implications and applications of your research for maximum impact.

Booking information

The workshop is for up to 16 participants, and is targeted towards students in the second and third year of their PhD. Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Places are open to doctoral students in LAHP’s eight partner institutions (UCL, KCL, QMUL, SAS, LSE, RCA, RCM, RCSSD)

The deadline for booking a place is 12pm on Monday 21st February.

This is a three day workshop, so please only sign up if you are able to attend all three sessions.

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