Ana Franjic (UCL) - 2015-16 Students

Iron age glass technology in Souther Carpathian Basin

My research aims to provide a comprehensive scientific study of Iron Age glass technology in Central and South-eastern Europe, through case-studies of material from Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The study will survey glass beads mostly found as a part of the Iron Age female burial attire, with similar types of beads occurring repeatedly throughout various groups inhabiting the region. By applying quantitative and qualitative analytical techniques I will examine the patterns of production, trade, and use of glass, which reveal the scope of economic and social relations, craft specialisation, and transfer of technological traditions.
I will also study the way in which the beads were used to actively construct the identities (gender, age, status) of Iron Age women, improving our understanding of their role among the Iron Age elites, and their broader place in the social relationships and practices of prehistoric societies.

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