Chontida Poonpipat (KCL) - 2022-23 Students

The Hidden Presence and Influence of Thai Buddhist Meditation Practices in the UK

This project examines Thai Theravada Buddhist meditation practices in Britain, which are little documented but have informed distinctive practices and groups, among Westerners and Diaspora Buddhists, as well as academia. I question what and how Thai meditation practices have fared in UK society. The study is significant for what it will tell us about British Buddhism, the diversity of Theravada meditation techniques and their influence, and their potential contribution to mental health and wellbeing. The methods will be participant observation, interviewing, ethnography and oral history. My relevant expertise is: Buddhist studies, anthropology of meditation (MA), bilingual English-Thai, extensive practitioner experience.

Primary supervisor: Prof Kate Crosby, KCL
Secondary supervisor: Dr Pyi Kyaw, KCL

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