Daen Palma Huse (UCL) - 2022-23 Students

Transient Visuals: Hand-Held Ephemera in Nineteenth-Century Peru

This research project will analyse a range of ephemeral hand-held media and their visual, cultural and historical significance in the context of nineteenth-century Peru. A focus lies on identifying the role that these media played in challenging predominant norms around religion, politics, sexuality and identity formation, as satirical commentary or subversive societal critique. Falling outside of what has traditionally been defined as visual arts, these portable objects include, but are not limited to, cartes-de-visite, promotional cards, playing cards, and separately sold single sheets of cartoons and illustrations that were made in Lima using different printing and photographic reproduction techniques.

Primary supervisor: Dr Emily Floyd, UCL
Secondary supervisor: Dr Nicholas Robbins, UCL

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