Fiorenza Picozza (KCL) - 2014-15 Students

Dubliners: Deportation, Displacement and The Freedom of Movement in Europe at the Time of the Dublin Regulation

My research looks at the socio-legal production of illegality and ‘refugee-ness’ within the EU asylum common frame, in particular relatively to the Dublin regulation; focusing also on how this regime is subjectively experienced at a legal, social and existential level. My privileged ethnographic site is Rome, a ‘laboratory’ to understand how social and legal boundaries are spatially reproduced in an urban context, since borders are bureaucratically extended in migrant’s everyday life. Moreover, I look at the spatial practices of the “new Dubliners”, the recent population of asylum seekers who seem “stuck in transit”, constantly moving from a EU country to another and spending from 5 to 10 years struggling to settle.

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