Florence Brady (RCM) - 2020-21 Students

Singing with the Trouble: An Investigation into Worldmaking in Participatory Singing Practices

CDA in collaboration with Royal College of Music and the Natural Voice Network

Operating at the interstice of voice studies and posthuman scholarship, this project is a materialisms-oriented ethnographic investigation into participatory singing practices and the ways in which artists and educators who work with group singing and voice (“chorality”) perform acts of worldmaking / worlding with their participants. Working with practitioner co-researchers, this project takes a case study based approach to explore the role that collective creative voicing can/does/could play in living well and sustainably, working with an idea of singing as a more-than-human interaction, and paying attention to the situated knowledges emergent in these local spaces. This project is a Collaborative Doctoral Award in partnership with the Natural Voice Network, with a broad aim of expanding the knowledge around the cultural value of these practices in the current era.

Primary supervisor: Dr Dave Camlin, RCM
Secondary supervisor: Dr Mary Stakelum, RCM

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