Maria Vasilaki (KCL) - 2014-15 Students

Impoliteness phenomena in Greek online environments

I am working on online impolite remarks in various social media platforms, focusing on the Greek language, where online impoliteness is largely under-researched.  More specifically, I am investigating the prevalent impoliteness strategies, as well as the creativity and the internal structure of impolite constructions in data coming from  Greek public Facebook pages, YouTube videos and the comment section of online newspapers. I am looking at posts belonging to three major themes: politics, sports and controversial social issues (e.g religion, homosexuality, immigration). This is because my research also tries to answer whether impoliteness is topic-sensitive (apart from platform-sensitive). I also attempt to find out how impolite constructions are affected by the poster’s personal and group identities. To answer the above questions I will complile a corpus of data, containing three sub-corpora, one for each platform. Each sub-corpus will include data coming from all three topics. I will then analyze the data both quantitatively (to find the prevalent forms of impoliteness) and qualitatively.

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