Michael Durrant (RCM) - 2019-20 Students

Musicians’ health and wellbeing: A study of health literacy and promotion in higher music education

Making music at the highest international levels can be immensely rewarding, but it is also challenging, with recent research highlighting numerous, pernicious ways in which practising and performing can affect musicians’ physical and mental health. A growing body of evidence now points to a need for more (and more effective) health education and promotion initiatives within music educational and professional settings. This CDA project emerges from the £1million AHRC-funded Musical Impact project (2013-18, PI: Williamon). It will be facilitated by Healthy Conservatoires, a legacy network of Musical Impact, chaired by Williamon. With current international membership of over 120 artists and educators, 1 Healthy Conservatoires meets biannually to bring together stakeholders from the UK’s performing arts sectors to assist in supporting health promotion and occupational wellbeing among performers. In collaboration with the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM), the project will evaluate sector-wide resources and best practice in health literacy, education and promotion within higher music education. It will consist of three strands: 1. Mapping health and wellbeing assets and resources for musicians in UK higher education; 2. Creating case studies of good practice in health literacy, education and promotion within UK higher education, informed by international best practice; 3. Assessing parallels and differences between music and other performing arts in terms of health literacy, education and promotion, assessing the potential for positive, interdisciplinary exchange in supporting for performers’ health and wellbeing.

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