Sara Wong (LSE) (LSE) - 2021-22 Students

Creative Practice & Transnationalism: Aesthetics, Visual Culture & Resistance in and beyond Myanmar

International politics are often ‘mediated’ by the visual, whether through photographs shared online or through exhibitions in museums and other institutions. Yet, art also plays an active role in social and political change. My research explores the role that artists, creative production and artistic outputs play in transnational movements of resistance. It aims to analyse how art moves beyond just representing politics, to creating it. Focusing on the work of artists and creatives in Myanmar’s diaspora, and connecting their work with wider movements and artwork across East/SE Asia, my research looks at the ways in which transnational resistance can be consolidated in cultural, aesthetic and artistic ways.

Primary supervisor: Prof. William Callahan, LSE
Secondary supervisor: Dr Holly Eva Ryan, QMUL

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