Zuzanna Krzemien (UCL) - 2014-15 Students

Solomon Dubno and the Impact of Eastern European Jewish Learning on the German-Jewish Enlightenment

In this project I will investigate the life and works of a Polish Jew, Solomon Dubno (1738-1813), who was a leading contributor to the most important projects of the German Jewish Enlightenment, the Bible translation and the commentary (Hebr. bi’ur) by Moses Mendelssohn. The research will shed more light on Solomon Dubno’s contribution to the revival of the Hebrew language and his influence on other authors of the Haskalah. It will be based on an analysis of unpublished archival materials, including Dubno’s essays, poetry and private correspondence. The project investigates Solomon Dubno’s achievements as an example for the considerable input of Eastern European authors on the early German-Jewish Haskalah, and thus will shed new light on this period and an underresearched aspect of a shared German and Eastern European tradition.

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