Advancing the Archival Turn: Archivists, Artists and Critical Archival Practice Centre for Critical Archives & Records Management Studies – The Archival Turn in Socially Engaged Art

Course Description:
This seminar series presents research that seeks to reposition the relation between art and the archive. While the intersections between visual arts and the archive have been explored and articulated through the archival turn in the arts and humanities, this series foregrounds new trajectories in research and practice that are empowered by critical archival lenses. These endeavours not only resist former [firm?] disciplinary and contextual boundaries of practice, they also actively surface and embrace the messy and fluid relations and positions between artist, curator, researcher and archivist, and in so doing, open up new potentials for archival activism.
Guiding questions are:
• What happens when the archival turn in art turns towards critical archival studies?
• How are new practices and perspectives fostering archival activism in the visual arts?
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