Collaborative Doctoral Awards

Collaborative Doctoral Awards (CDAs) provide funding for doctoral studentship projects, developed as a partnership between an HEI-based academic in collaboration with an organisation outside higher education. They are intended to encourage and develop collaboration and build partnerships with a wide range of organisations in the public, private and third sector, including grass-roots and activist organisations.

CDA projects provide opportunities for doctoral students to gain first-hand experience of work outside the university environment and enhance the employment-related skills and training a research student gains during the course of their studies.

CDA projects also encourage and establish links that can have long-term benefits for both collaborating partners, providing access to resources and materials, knowledge and expertise that may not otherwise have been available, as well as social, cultural and economic benefits to wider society.

The CDA competition is launched in June with a deadline in mid-October (specific date confirmed each year). Prospective supervisors apply for a CDA, either with or without a nominated student. CDAs awarded without a nominated student are advertised in late November with an application deadline in late January. CDAs are funded for 3.5 years, recognizing the additional work involved in a collaborative studentship. CDA students are also able to apply for a funded extension of up to 6 months (with the same four-year submission deadline).

Read the Collaborative Doctoral Awards Summary for students, HEIs and non-HEI partners

To submit a project proposal application, please see here.

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