Welcome to our revived LAHP Newsletter. We send this out to all LAHP students, alumni, supervisors and non-HEI partners in our LAHP institutions twice per term.

We hope you will find our newsletter useful as a compact and digestible source of information. We hope LAHP students will use it to publicize their activities and to get dates in their diaries for upcoming LAHP events, workshops, funding deadlines, as well as browse a few news stories. Of course we already have a Twitter feed and a Facebook Page, so our newsletter will complement these other kinds of communications by offering a targeted newsflash to keep you more up to date with our news and events, and us with yours.

For future editions, we hope students will send us any news or publicity for events they are doing that are either LAHP-funded, or more generally relevant to PhD students and supervisors in Arts and Humanities subjects. If you felt like writing a news story or a report on current research, or you have a great picture to send us, or a write-up of some public-facing work you have been doing recently, please submit this here and we will be delighted to include your news and contributions.

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