Allyship As Supervisors: Support Surgery

Monday 13 March, 3:00 pm

These surgery-style sessions are designed to support you in your allyship practice as a PhD supervisor. In this space, we can explore the trials, tribulations and successes you encounter in your work supporting students from marginalised communities and/or students wishing to incorporate social justice and change into their research.

There is also scope to support one another in making sustainable, systemic changes within our organisations and communities. Whatever you’d like to explore, this is the space for you to do so safely and without judgement. 

If you’d like to put anything on the agenda, you can email me directly with specific questions or areas of interest. I try to make the session and materials accessible to a diverse audience. If there’s something you think would be helpful for me, you can email me directly via  

Whether this is the first time you’ve engaged in this programme, are new to the content or were involved in the previous year’s programme, all are welcome! This session is hosted and facilitated by Lou, a culture and relationships coach who specialises in supporting aspiring allies. You can find out more about Lou and her practice here. 

Learning Platform:
There is also a purpose-made learning hub curated for you that includes activities and resources. Unless you set up one last academic year, you will need an account to access the learning hub. I’ll need to approve your account before you can access the materials. I’ll do my best to approve quickly, but if there’s a delay, please bear with me! 

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