‘Drum like a Girl’ – Percussion and discussion in celebration of International Women’s Day – 9th May 2018

Baque Luar are a London-based collective of female vocalists and percussionists, united by their love of Brazilian and afro-Brazilian roots music. Drawing inspiration from the rich soundscapes and traditions of maracatu, coco, congado and ciranda, as well as sacred rhythms of Brazilian candomblé, Baque Luar combines original multi-vocal compositions and arrangements with powerful percussive grooves.

A 30-40 minute performance by Baque Luar was followed by refreshments and an informal round-table discussion addressing themes such as:

– the gendering of musical instruments and genres

– sexism in the music industry

– female-only creative spaces

On 9th May, all-female drumming and vocal collective Baque Luar rumbled the old stone walls of King’s College London in a celebration of women breaking down gender stereotypes in music. The performance of afro-Brazilian rhythms and dance traditions, original songs and arrangements was followed by a discussion of some of the issues facing women working in music, including the gendering of instruments from an early age, a lack of equal performance and composition opportunities, and some of the benefits of all-female creative spaces for music-making. There was also energetic debate around how to market all-female groups in ways that celebrate women without diminishing their musical legitimacy. All in all, a stimulating, positive and loud evening!

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