Experimental music performance: Rabih Beaini & Joss Turnbull – 28th February 7-8.30pm (Previous Student-Led Activities)

Please join us for an evening of musical experimentation and electronic beats with Joss Turnbull and Rabih Beaini on Sunday 28 February at 7pm, streamed live from Berlin. In their performance entitled Breaking-Patterns-Fragmented-Harmonics, Beaini and Turnbull are exploring patterns of non-metrical structures through the intertwining sonic textures of their instruments. The performance will be followed by a Q&A session with the artists. The LAHP-funded event is part of a PhD project by Rim Jasmin Irscheid in which she explores the social and political implications of experimental music projects across Germany and the Arab-speaking world. 

Please sign up here to attend (free event). Feel free to share this event with your friends and colleagues.

Link to stream: https://www.twitch.tv/morphine_records – to join the Q&A, please sign up for Twitch (only requires email and date of birth). Watching the performance is however possible without signing up for Twitch. You can also send me your questions in advance via jasmin.irscheid@kcl.ac.uk or tweet them live during the performance @jasmin_irscheid using the hashtag #breakingpatterns.


19.00-19.10 Introduction

19.10-20.10 Performance

20.10-20.30 Q&A

Rabih Beaini, electronic musician, DJ, curator and founder of Morphine records, experiments with sound textures and sonic layering of different soundscapes across musical styles. EastEast Radio described him as “one of the most forward-thinking musicians and curators in the modern experimental and electronic scenes”. Beaini has organised, curated and played a number of events across the world and previously played Berghain and Boiler Room Siberia in 2015. Listen to Rabih Beaini’s music here.

Joss Turnbull, Berlin-based musician and award-winning percussionist, is known for his creative take on different drumming styles from Syria, Lebanon, Iran and beyond. Introduced to Iranian percussion by Mohammed Reza Mortazavi the Iranian goblet drum Zarb became the centerpiece of his artistic work. His sound ranges from minimalistic musical explorations of one instrument through fingers, palms, fingernails, sticks, tuning forks, brushes and rubber to more extreme and raw soundscapes, supplemented by electronics. Listen to Joss Turnbull’s music here.

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