Screen Studies and the Virtual in the Age of Self-isolation – 23rd, 24th October & 20th November 2020 (Previous Staff-Led Events)

24th October 2020 

This annual workshop addresses the 2 primary concerns regularly expressed by doctoral students in Screen Studies-related disciplines: 1) lack of discipline-specific training and other activities and 2) isolation from other students with shared academic interests.  

Most programmes in Screen Studies are relatively small, and individual institutions are unable to provide extensive discipline-specific training. By having a different theme and different speakers each year, the Screen Studies Group aims to address this lack and to make the workshop relevant to both new and continuing students.  

 As well as addressing different methodological practices and concerns every year, we also structure time for participants to get to know each other into the day. This then feeds into year-round activities that work across participating SSG institutions, such as reading groups, workshops on teaching, and an annual conference in which students present their work. 

 Full programme and booking details will be published in due course.

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