Welcome Back Event – Session 2

20th October 2021 3-5.30pm, Zoom

The event will provide an update about LAHP and the opportunity to meet other LAHP students, alumni and cultural partners, followed by an interactive session on networking led by Daniela Bultoc. 

Daniela will lead an activity-based skills session which will explore the techniques and benefits of networking as a researcher. It gives participants the opportunity to identify the benefits that can be gained through effective networking and it illustrates how networking is a skill that can be developed and used throughout life, and especially in supporting you build your own professional network. The session aims to help participants think about the importance of their existing networks and also develop and maintain co-operative networks and working relationships with supervisors, colleagues and peers, within the institution and the wider research community.


3pm Prof. Alison Blunt, LAHP Director

3.10pm Dr. Tony Fisher, LAHP Deputy Director – Training & Cohort Development

3.20pm Dr. Anna Sexton, LAHP Deputy Director – Collaborations & Partnerships

3.30pm Dr Elaine Tierney, V&A – V&A Research Institute Coordinator

3.40pm LAHP Alumni – Faten Hussein and Alexander Franklin

3.50pm LAHP Student Representatives

3.55pm LAHP Student Network Representatives

Female Researchers: Isabel Stuart

Practise-led researchers: Rim Irscheid and Rhys Sparey

4.05pm Q&A

4.15pm Break

4.25pm Networking Session with Daniela Bultoc

5.25pm Closing remarks

5.30pm Event finishes

You can access the video recording of the event here.

Below you can find the various presentation slides:

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