Student Ambassador Programme 

  • Are you passionate about doctoral research in the arts and humanities?
  • Can you speak confidently and enthusiastically about LAHP and inspire future applicants?
  • Are you committed to encouraging Black and other Global Majority students, and those from other under-represented groups, to apply for a LAHP studentship?
  • Have you completed the first year of your LAHP PhD?

If your answer is YES, please apply to LAHP’s Ambassador Programme.

LAHP will employ up to 10 Ambassadors in 2020/21 to engage with prospective students as positive role models and to encourage applications for open and CDA studentships, particularly from Black and other Global Majority students, and those from other under-represented groups.

Ambassadors who have completed placements and/or received student-led activity funding will also be employed to engage with current students about different opportunities during their PhD research.

All LAHP students who have completed the first year of their PhD are eligible to apply. LAHP seeks to appoint students across subject areas and HEIs. Priority will be given to applicants from under-represented groups, particularly Black and other Global Majority applicants. LAHP would like to appoint at least one CDA student as an Ambassador.

Hours and pay:

Ambassadors will be expected to work for a minimum of 20 hours over the year and will be paid at the hourly rate of £17.95 (UCL GTA scale). Additional hours will need to be agreed with the LAHP team before work is carried out.

Scope of work:

Across the group of Ambassadors appointed in 2020/21, the work will involve:  

  • Attending online meetings about the open studentship competition to give a short presentation and participate in a Q&A session (November; December);
  • Ambassadors holding CDAs will be asked to participate in Q&A sessions on CDAs for the 2021/2 studentship competition (July and September);
  • To organize online meetings with MA and UG students in your own HEI, in liaison with LAHP’s Core Management Group members;
  • To coordinate with each other and lead on organizing at least one online meeting beyond your own HEI, eg through different networks / at a post-92 university for MA and UG students;
  • To participate in a filmed interview for the LAHP website to encourage prospective applicants;
  • To participate in the LAHP Placement event, promoting placement opportunities to other LAHP students;
  • To lead an online event on the Student-led activities fund, encouraging other students to apply to this fund.


Applications for the 2020/21 Student Ambassadors Programme are now closed.


Monthly timesheet & report

Please submit your monthly timesheet and report on the activities undertaken by 30th of each month.

Payments will be processed by UCL HR on the last working day of the following month.

*Earlier submission deadline for December payments: 23rd November.

Monthly report

Monthly timesheet