Antonio Genova (KCL) - 2014-15 Students

Ancient Greek Folksong Tradition

First of all, my research aims to define the concept of ‘popular poetry’ in ancient Greece. For this purpose, I will investigate: (1) the preservation and transmission of ancient Greek popular songs; (2) their relationship (and related intertextual issues) with ‘high’ and ‘official’ literature; (3) their relationship with other traditions of popular song. My study will be based on an in-depth analysis and comparison of the extant Greek texts with close attention for their linguistic and formal characteristics and their context where this can be established.  My starting point will be the preparation of a critical edition and linguistic and interpretive commentary, as a useful way of identifying and cataloguing the issues and themes which are relevant to the project’s broader objectives. For this purpose, Page’s reference collection of Carmina popularia (PMG 847-883) will be reviewed in terms both of omissions and additions, based on an exhaustive census of texts which have not been taken into account so far, or which have intentionally not been included in the collection by earlier editors.

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