Francesca Masiero (UCL) - 2017-18 Students

Literacy and learning in Latin and vernacular schools in the Veneto in the XV and early XVI century

My thesis will explore the teaching and learning practices adopted in Venetian schools during the early Renaissance, the period when Italy became the most literate society in Latin Christendom. In particular, it will describe the teaching practices used by XV and early XVI century teachers in the Veneto, ones that, it was believed, would provide towns and cities with the young people on a privileged learning path and upon whom high expectations were set that they needed for political and economic prosperity. First, it will explore the structure of school curricula and investigate the methods adopted in Latin and vernacular schools in the Veneto. Second, it will analyse how students were taught to read and translate Latin by examining the notes jotted down by both teachers and students. Finally, it will highlight how teachers in the Veneto acted as public and private “precettori di grammatica” in the education of gifted students.

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