Gabrielle Donique Elliott-Williams (UCL) - 2022-23 Students

The Caribbean Court of Justice as a Constitutional Court: Comparative Assessment of the CCJ's fulfilment of its functions of facilitating Caribbean Regional Integration and Self-definition

The Caribbean Court of Justice was established with a unique dual jurisdiction. It was envisioned as a site for regional integration and self-definition. The thesis will argue that the Court is engaged in an expansive governance project and that it is functioning in both jurisdictions as a constitutional court which is decidedly cosmopolitan in its outlook or approach. Using constitutional theory as a frame, the thesis will attempt to comparatively evaluate the Court’s efforts in either jurisdiction at fulfilling its integration and self-definition mandates; thereby providing an opportunity for critical evaluation of the dual-jurisdiction experiment.

Primary supervisor: Prof. Colm O’cinneide, UCL
Secondary supervisor: Dr Silvia Suteu, UCL

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