Hera Lorandos (KCL) - 2022-23 Students

Screens of Inclusion

As European countries enact laws designed to curtail the rights of refugees and migrants, it becomes more important than ever to change the public’s views on migration. In the aftermath of the 2015 European ‘Refugee Crisis’ there has been a growing corpus of films exploring the issues around refugees, migrants and European identity. Many of these films have been exhibited at film festivals such as the Migration Collective’s annual London Migration Film Festival (LMFF), with the aim of bringing together art, academia and action “to challenge the mainstream rhetoric on migration”.

Screens of Inclusion will be developed in close collaboration with the LMFF, with the aim of critically exploring what counts as inclusive filmmaking, arguing that inclusive films cannot exist without inclusive film cultures. The LMFF will be a key case study of what an inclusive space could look like and how it can drive change in wider cultural understandings of migration and migrants.

Primary academic supervisor: Dr Belen Vidal, KCL
Secondary academic supervisor: Prof. Chris Berry, KCL
Collaborative Partner lead contact: Lily Parrott

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