Jenni Lewin-Turner (CSSD) - 2021-22 Students

Black British Experience on Film and TV: Racialised Media Representation and its Effect on First-generation Caribbean Migrant Identity’

This collaborative doctoral project between Central and the BFI’s Sight & Sound journal examines the long-term effects of racialised representations in UK film and TV production on first-generation migrants from the Caribbean. Employing documentary film as a practice-based methodology, it interrogates, through recorded oral histories and analysis of archival footage, the Black British experience and its media representation from the 1960s–present. The project’s reparative method places, at the centre of its practice, the lived experience of media representation and its impact on identity formation for those who lived through the racialised landscape of post-war Britain. Its focus is on a 60-year period encapsulating immense social and cultural transformation for the Caribbean community, including independence from British rule and the ‘Windrush’ era of mass migration, both coinciding with the rapid expansion of the domestic TV market in the UK.

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