Sara De Martin (KCL) - 2016-17 Students

A New Investigation of Theognis’ Indirect Tradition

The literature on Theognis’ Sylloge is wide: the performative issues and the themes of the corpus continue to spark interest. However, as for the history of the arrangements of the Theognidea, after West (1974) no further attempt was made to draw a stemma illustrating it. I will undertake a detailed study of the indirect tradition of the Theognidea. My aim is to retrace the history of its arrangements, that is, to understand in which forms the corpus travelled over time. To do so, I will analyse the Theognidean quotations in their context and consider the variants in the different testimonia. I will make comparisons with the direct tradition and I will pay attention to each author’s quotation techniques. Relevant non-textual testimonia will be compared consistently with the results of the examination of the quotations and their contexts, and the same applies to the alleged literary reuses of the Theognidean text. As a parallel goal, I will investigate the new uses the Theognidea are put in their postclassical reception, whose history is still a desideratum.

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