Annual Research Day – CANCELLED

Our LAHP Annual Research Day will be taking place in the spectacular setting of Level 5 of the Royal Festival Hall at the Southbank Centre on 14th May 2020, 12.30-6pm. This is one of the key events of the LAHP calendar – it is a chance to present and discuss your research with your fellow students in an informal setting and we encourage all LAHP students and their supervisors to attend.

The theme of this year’s event is ‘Transience and Sustainability’.

Sustainability has become a central theme of modern discourse. It forces us to ask fundamental questions: how can we live in a way that will not destroy our planet? What are the values that we need to hold on to? At the same time, we can recognise that there are many things which do not last. Dreams, thoughts, individuals, even civilisations, are transient: they come into being and pass away again. The Arts and Humanities have always been engaged with ideas of transience and sustainability, from the earliest literature to the work of Extinction Rebellion and beyond. How do we capture the transient? How do we imagine the sustainable? Archives and artworks are part of this process alongside all the other forms that research can take. This Research Day will be an opportunity to explore the ways in which research in the Arts and Humanities can continue to contribute to a debate that is vital for our futures.

Keynote speaker: Judith Garfield, Eastside Community Heritage

Present your research (15-min. slot): We are keen to involve as many of you as possible in this event, its main purpose being to hear about your research. Although we have a general theme (Transience and Sustainability), this really applies to the first half of the event, after which we hope to learn about the full range of projects that LAHP students are working on. You would have an individual slot of approx. 15 min each.

If you would like to present that afternoon using this format, please complete the online form by 24th April.

Three-minute thesis competition: We invite you to take part in the ‘three-minute thesis’ competition, which is a lively and low-pressure way to give others an idea of what you are working on and to hear about the wide range of projects being pursued by other LAHP students. You are free to present your work in whichever format you prefer and can also bring visuals, props and recordings/sound as AV will be available, so unleash your creativity! 

If you would like to present that afternoon in a shortish form (approx. 15/20 min each) or take part into the three-minute thesis competition, please complete the online form by 24th April.

Photo competition: We are going to ask all participants to enter a photograph in advance of the day either on the theme of ‘Transience and Sustainability’, or on the theme of ‘my research’ (and some of you might be able to do both at once, of course) so we can make a conversation-piece out of all your images on the day. With your permission, we would then like to use some of your images for our website (with author credits of course). Please complete the online form and submit your photo to Valeria on  by 24th April.

As places are limited, please book your place by 7th May via the students’ online booking form or the supervisors’ booking form.

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