Graduate Seminar Series on Pragmatics-Semantics – October to December 2019 (Previous Staff-Led Events)

This LAHP-funded series of seminars and workshops on the semantics and pragmatics of linguistic communication will resume in 2020/21.

*Details for the 2020/21 events will be published in due course

2019-20 Seminars and workshops 

The theme for the first term is ‘Word Meaning and Concepts Communicated’.

All meetings will take place in Chandler House on the following Wednesday afternoons:

  1. 2nd October, 2-4pm, in room G15, Chandler House

Speaker:  Francois Recanati, (College de France)

Title:  Why Polysemy Supports Radical Contextualism

Abstract:  After presenting two forms of Contextualism, I will argue that the phenomenon of polysemy supports the stronger one – so-called Radical Contextualism. My argument will be based on a comparison between indexicality, ambiguity, polysemy and pragmatic modulation. 

  1. 13th November, 3-5pm, in room G15, Chandler House

Speaker:  Emma Borg (University of Reading)

Title:  Truth, Meaning and Polysemy 

  1. 27th November, 2-4pm, in room B07, Chandler House

Speaker:  Robyn Carston (University College London)

Title:  Lexical Pragmatics and Sense Conventions

  1. 11th December, 1-6pm, in room B07, Chandler House

Workshop on Polysemy, Concepts and Word Meaning

Speakers will include Nick Allott and Mark Textor, Hugh Rabagliati and Jake Quilty-Dunn.

For regular updates, see: 

Organisers:  Robyn Carston, Nausicaa Pouscoulous & Eliot Michaelson

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