Introduction to WordPress

WordPress is the world’s best and most popular website builder and this hands-on course takes you through from the basics, including installation and set up, to cover all the most useful features and tools WordPress offers. Whether you already have a site and want to manage it properly or are starting completely from scratch, this is the course for you.

You will learn to:

set up and run a great website of your own
add content, images and videos
add structure and navigation menus
apply an attractive design using easy templates
make the site search engine friendly
add contact forms, maps and take payments
add social networking and track visitors
learn to add all the features and functionality you need to run and develop a fantastic website
Topics Covered:

Introduction to WordPress
Install, set up and update WordPress automatically
Admin Panel, Settings and Basic Configuration
The Gutenberg editor and using blocks
Creating pages and posts and understanding the difference
Sourcing, editing and uploading images
Add videos from YouTube
Users, categories and links
Comments and avoiding spam
Organising your posts and articles into a blog
Add and customise the top navigation menus
Research, choose, upload, install and update the best plugins
Research, choose, upload, install and update the best themes
Customise themes with colours and navigation menus
Insert a logo which automatically links to the homepage
Add sidebar widgets for search, social media, static and dynamic content
Ensuring a responsive, mobile friendly design
Themes vs frameworks
Why and how to use the industry-standard Genesis framework
Add contact forms to receive visitors’ enquiries
Add an interactive Google Map so visitors can find you
Automatically create search engine friendly XML sitemaps
Using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) plugins to rank well
Keyword research and SEO strategies to rank well on Google
Security, stability and backing up
Backup your site the easy way
How to get visitors/traffic and track it with Google Analytics
Facebook, Twitter and social networking
RSS Feeds – stream external news and content on your site
Legal Requirements, EU Cookie Policy and Data Protection
Adding sitemap, privacy policy and terms & conditions easily
Make your site easy to navigate, accessible and print friendly
Auto Translate – have your site translated into any language for free
WordPress features and benefits for the small business, company, individual or charity

Date: 01/12/2022 – 01/12/2022

Time: 10:00:00 – 17:00:00

Type: Booking through Inkpath

Attendance Type: Live (online)

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