Study Hub

Study Hub is a seven hour intense, structured, online study experience with Natalie Lancer (life, career and writing coach). You will spend the day online with Natalie and a small group of other LAHP students on Zoom. Natalie will guide you through setting your goals for the day, creativity exercises, and mind mapping the next thing you are working on, so you can:

Write your chapter or article
Analyse data
Work on a presentation
Actively read something and make notes on it
Or anything else PhD related!
Each attendee will get:

20 minute one-to-one coaching session with Natalie, an accredited coach, experienced writer and academic, to help you unlock anything holding you back and make a plan for your next steps
Supportive writing atmosphere broken up into blocks of 25 minutes
Technical expertise in qualitative methods
Creativity booster session
Structured day in which you do not burn out and are able to stay focussed for six hours
A pre-Study Hub Day planning session in which you make specific goals to ensure you get the most from Study Hub Day
The real-time accountability of a group
Encouragement and motivation from a small, focused group
Six hours of supervised writing

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