Welcome and Induction Event (for incoming students) – 13th October 3-5.30pm

3 – 4pm Introduction

Prof. Alison Blunt, LAHP Director
Prof. Hugh Bowden, LAHP Deputy Director – Training & Cohort Development
Dr Anna Sexton, LAHP Deputy Director – Collaborations & Partnerships
LAHP Student Representatives
Benjamin Dalton, LAHP alumnus
Rachel Smillie, Head of Academic Partnerships – National Archives

4.20pm Breakout Room activities (30 mins)

4.20pm Activity 1 (first set of breakout rooms)

The students will be arranged in breakout rooms of 5 each. You will need to bring an image or object that relates to your research and will use this to introduce yourselves and outline your research project to the others.

Each group will need to take a screenshot of the members holding their image/object and send it to info.lahp@london.ac.uk indicating also the point of contact they have identified across their research projects.

4.40pm Activity 2 (second set of breakout rooms)

The second activity will focus on discussing the networks students would like to be part of and which type of cohort development events they would want to be involved in (you will be required to complete an online form at the event – see Student networks & cohort development activities – Activity 2)

4.55pm Prof. Paul Gilroy, Professor of Humanities at UCL and Founding Director of the Sarah Parker Remond Centre

5.15pm Dr Serena Sharma, Founder – AcademEase

5.35pm Q&A

5.45pm Event finishes

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