Your Career: Objectives, Actions and Obstacles

This one-day workshop gets PhD students to think openly, imaginatively and rigorously about their working futures. It culminates in all participants identifying a set of short and long-term objectives, the actions they will take to achieve those objectives, and the obstacles that stand in their way.

Participants work both collectively and individually – we design the activities to ensure that there is time and space to think in new ways about career paths. Key to the workshop, is that participants challenge their own and each other’s thinking. Playful interaction is integral to the atmosphere and success of the workshop. Doing a PhD is often lonely, so this is also a social experience, which we emphasise right from the get-go.

Participants – working both individually and in groups – speak and write their ideas, constantly re-drafting, refining, distilling and sometimes completely re-thinking. It is not an easy, smooth path through the day, but all participants come away with a firmly articulated set of career objectives, actions and obstacles.

Please note – you must attend in person, and must be available for the whole day.

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