Nina Vindum Rasmussen completes her LAHP-funded PhD

Nina Vindum Rasmussen’s viva on Zoom

LAHP-funded KCL student Nina Vindum Rasmussen successfully passed her viva on 28 June. Nina’s research is titled ‘Data, Camera, Action: Screen Production in a Streaming Era.’ It examines how data-driven streaming services like Netflix impact the screen industry in Europe. Nina especially focuses on the ways screenwriters, directors, and producers interact with data and algorithms in this streaming environment.

‘My project would not have been possible without funding from LAHP. Apart from financial security, LAHP has provided academic training, networks, and opportunities that have fuelled my development as a researcher. It has also introduced me to some important friendships. In short, being part of a supportive framework like LAHP has been a real highlight of this PhD,’ Nina says.

Nina’s research has been supervised by Dr Bridget Conor (the University of Auckland) and Dr Zeena Feldman (King’s College London).

‘This is such a timely and important study and both of Nina’s examiners (Dr Dan Ashton and Dr Vilde Schanke Sundet) highlighted this and offered a huge amount of excellent feedback and encouragement for future publications. It has been such a pleasure to work with Nina and she has achieved so much, despite the hugely trying circumstances of the last few years,’ Bridget says.

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