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Following on from the success of our workshop with LAHP student in February 2020, we have created a dedicated Resource Hub for LAHP students on everything you need to know to get your research published and ensure that it makes an impact. This collection of materials pulls together existing sources, advice and top tips on topics such as Open Access, data sharing and preparing your paper for publication as well as newly created content on how to get published, multimedia publishing options and tips from Routledge Editors.

We hope that this set of tools will strengthen your skills as an Early Career Research and guide you on your publishing journey.

We held a virtual Q&A session on Friday 5th March. If you were not able to attend this or still have further questions, you can still send them through to us using the contact details provided below. 

Alexandra Kanovsky (She/Her), Portfolio Manager – Media, Communications, and Cultural Studies, (Twitter: @alkanovsky)

Emma Lockwood (She/Her), Portfolio Manager – Archaeology and Anthropology, (Twitter: @EmmaCLockwood)

Isabella Vitti (She/Her), Editor – Art History and Visual Studies, (Twitter: @ivittieditor)

Sections in the Resource Hub

  • Advice for Early Career Researchers (ECRS)
  • Data sharing
  • How to get published (Journals)
  • Making an impact with your research
  • Multimedia Publishing (Journals)
  • Open Access
  • Permissions
  • Interviews with Early Career Researchers (ECRs) and Routledge journal editors
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