Alasdair Milne (KCL) - 2020-21 Students

Creative AI as a medium in artistic and curatorial practice

CDA in collaboration with King’s College London and Serpentine Galleries 

Advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence have had a transformational impact on the corporate world, while the cultural sector has been slow to acquire an adequate media literacy. This has become an issue for contemporary art institutions due to the fact that Artificial Intelligence, especially machine learning, has become a creative medium for contemporary artists, while curators and cultural institutions working with contemporary culture also need to fulfil the important role to translate the societal impact this technology into a critical response. To understand the media literacy needed in cultural institutions working with artworks using creative AI, this project will analyse the complex ecology of digital commissions delivered by the Serpentine Galleries through participatory observation from a media and technology studies perspective thereby contributing to art gallery studies. A critical and creative response of artworks using creative AI is needed given the societal impact of this technology. Using the Creative AI lab initiated by the Serpentine Galleries and KCL as a platform to acquire interviews with other cultural institutions, artists, but also technology producers, the outcome of this project will contribute to the understanding of creative AI in media studies and also to deliver guidance and best practice for cultural institutions.

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